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2020-04-05 03:38

A: Underscore an email address by inputting the underscore character between two words; for example, JohnDoe. The underscore joins two words or separates letters and numbers when the text cannot have a space. The underscore character also works to create a space in both IP addresses and website user names.Email& Email Templates. Some of companies are now using an underscore in the domain portion of the email address. Salesforce will not allow this, so it forces us to enter an incorrect address or leave it blank. It would be great if Saelsforce would allow to be used in the domain portion of the email address. underscore sign in email

Mar 05, 2013 What is the role of the underscore in an email address? I've heard that . s disappear, but is it the same with underscores? Log in or Sign up. Email Questions. Forums Email Forums Help Desk Underscore in email address. Discussion in 'Help Desk' started by marissa, Mar 4, 2013. marissa New Email. Joined: It only takes a minute to

There is no underscore icon in the above email address that you have given. The underscore icon is represented as . It is the most common feature of an email address and most of the people use it. The email address, [email protected, features the underscore sign. Underscore. The underscore is not the same character as the dash character, although one convention for text news wires is to use an underscore when an emdash or endash is desired, or when other nonstandard characters such as bullets would be appropriate. A series of underscoresunderscore sign in email 2. Use the underscore sign in place of spaces in email addresses and usernames. Do not put spaces before or after an underscore when using it in email addresses and usernames. This email address would read: john underscore doe at my mail dot net. This email address would read: sandy underscore heart underscore nineteen fiftyseven

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Mar 29, 2019 Sign in. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. DA. DaveKemman Created on May 29, 2013. How do I type an underscore character in an email address? Email address is removed for privacy This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. underscore sign in email May 31, 2016 A friend gave me an email address and one of the letters in the address is Underscored. While I was trying to input this new email address in my Contacts , I find it impossible to underscore one of the letters in the email address. Related Questions More Answers Below. Gmail does not allow the use of underscore because Gmail is also aware of the use of characters and symbols which can be typed by specific key on the keyboard or by using a shortcut for that symbol which eventually appears same on the monitor or to the human eye, but the machine knows the difference. How can the answer be improved?

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