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2020-03-31 17:12

Dr Jacqueline Rowarth has a PhD in Soil Science and has been analysing the interaction between agriculture, the environment and society for several decades.An investigation by the Green MP Stefan Browning released two weeks ago raises serious questions about the process followed by the EPA. The controversy has been given fresh life by comments made by the Chief Scientist for the Authority, Dr Jacqueline Rowarth. jacqueline rowarth email

Dec 13, 2017 Dr Jacqueline Rowarth Environmental Protection Agency's chief scientist. (Screenshot) What gives with the chief scientist of the Environmental Protection Agency?

Jacqueline Rowarth of The University of Waikato, Hamilton with expertise in: Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Philosophy and Soil Science. Read 63 publications, and contact Jacqueline Rowarth Email; supplied. Former EPA chief scientist Jacqueline Rowarth says she is still doing work for the government agency. Former Environment Protection Authority (EPA) chief scientist Dr Jacquelinejacqueline rowarth email Jacqueline Sara Rowarth has a recognised history in academia, has a strong public profile as a science advocate and communicator, and is known for her work as

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Dr Jacqueline Rowarth is the Environmental Protection Authority's Chief Scientist. Today she caught up with The Country 's Jamie Mackay to talk about carbon credits. jacqueline rowarth email Jacqueline Rowarth After months of controversy, Jacqueline Rowarths tenure at the Environmental Protection Authority came to a sudden end. Steady rain falls on the dairy farm outside Tirau, the corrugated capital of the world, where controversial soil scientist Jacqueline Rowarth is waiting for a plumber to arrive. By Jacqueline Rowarth stuff. co. nz OPINION: Nitrogen (N) is the most abundant element in the atmosphere. After carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, it is also the Professor Jacqueline Rowarth CNZM, CRSNZ, FNZIAHS Jacqueline is Professor of Agribusiness at University of Waikato. She is on the Board of trustees for AGMARDT and the Kathleen Spragg Agricultural Trust. She is President of the New Zealand Grassland Jacqueline Rowarth appointed as EPA's chief scientist. That approach, in combination with her degree in Agricultural Science with honours in Environmental Agriculture, PhD in Soil Science (nutrient cycling) and research in carbon, nitrogen, food and economics would provide a foundation for what had to be done for New Zealand through the EPA.

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