Line app setting email registration for pc

2020-04-05 03:33

With the latest update to the desktop (WindowsWindows 10Mac) and Google Chrome versions of LINE, you can now sign up for LINE from computers and tablets! LINE official blog The latest information about the FREE calling& FREE messaging app LINE. Search Results. Categories. Services (17) Reports (1) Global (4) Stickers (4) OfficialAug 24, 2017  This video shows how to register an email address to LINE for the first time. Registering an email address allows you to: Transfer your account Use LINE STORE Use the PC and iPad line app setting email registration for pc

Aug 15, 2013 I have downloaded LIne on my PC my only problem is that i cannot register my own account in here since it is my first time to join LIne but the LINE application i have don't have the option for sign up or REGISter. And it states that i have to register first on my Cellphone. . now my second problem is that i don't have cellphone that is capable

To register your email with the Line app, go to the More tab, tap Settings, tap Accounts, and then tap Email Registration or Email Account Registration. Enter the email and password, and tap Email Verification. Enter the verification code, and tap OK to register the email. Please use right click to bring back the settings menu then use the following path to activate email registration: LINE app[Settings [Email Registration. Other questions about How to register on line app on pcline app setting email registration for pc Also, for tablets and smartphones, if you have the LINE APP installed on each device, you cannot use the same LINE account for both the LINE apps. Tap Settings 4) Tap Email Registration 5) Register your email address and password To use LINE for PC, you need to register an email address on the smartphone version of LINE.

Line app setting email registration for pc free

Email Registration in Line Messenger on Android Without registering your email, Line app allows you to use almost all of its basic features on your smartphone or tablet. You can add friends, send messages, make voice and video calls, etc. line app setting email registration for pc I download line app. for windwos 8 on my pc, and i cannot regiter my email account. how i can register an email account for line app? I have installed line software in my desktop pc but unable to register my email to login. there is no provision for going to setting as suggested dur Click Sign up or Registration. 4. To set LINE to automatically run when Windows starts, use either of the following methods: You can change your email address from the LINE smartphone app. For the steps to change your email address, see this Help article. If you want to use line on your PC you can use through Chrome. You cannot find any settings in Windows 8, All the settings are in Line Mobile App. First you need to register your Email in your mobile line App then you can you can use this email address to use in chrome. Open your Mobile Line Settings Email Register Done. May 22, 2016 thank you for watching video Register Line Account On Phone& PC Need to be: facebook Account Phone Number Email.

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