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2020-03-28 23:37

Earl J. Hesterberg is well regarded as the CEO of Group 1 Automotive. His compensation package has risen through the years as well. His latest package is estimated to be valued at 4, 111, 669 to be exact.Background Mr. Earl J. Hesterberg, Jr has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Group 1 Automotive Inc. since April 9, 2005. Mr. Hesterberg served as a Group Vice President of North earl hesterberg email

View the executive profile of Earl J. Hesterberg, Dir. , President and Chief Executive Officer at Group 1 Automotive, Inc. , Houston, TX, on Equilar BoardEdge to see current and past work history and gain access to Earl J. Hesterberg's network of 172 business contacts. Please enter valid email address. Done. Thank you for your interest. Ok

Earl Hesterberg Earl Hesterberg found in Texas, Ohio and 7 other states. As President and Chief Executive Officer at GROUP 1 AUTOMOTIVE INC, Earl J. Hesterberg made 3, 789, 349 in total compensation. Of this total 1, 100, 000 was received as a salary, 485, 833 was received as a bonus, 0 was received in stock options, 1, 999, 966 was awarded as stock and 203, 550 came from other types of compensation.earl hesterberg email Earl J. Hesterberg. Earl J. Hesterberg has served as Group 1's President and Chief Executive Officer and as a director since April 2005. Prior to joining Group 1, Mr. Hesterberg had served as Group Vice President, North America Marketing, Sales and Service for Ford Motor Company, a global manufacturer and distributor of cars,

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