How accurate are digital thermometers for babies

2020-02-20 04:37

Mar 23, 2018 Best Accurate Infrared Baby Thermometer with Instant readings. The LCD also features a range of smiley faces that correspond to the color changing the display. A green display with a happy face indicates a normal temperature, while a red display with a frown represents a fever. These indicators are useful,The accuracy of a digital baby thermometer, like most thermometers, unfortunately is highly dictated on the price you are willing to pay. More expensive options will be more accurate. Additionally, using a digital thermometer rectally will also provide more accurate results, while using a digital baby thermometer under the armpit will actually provide the most inaccurate reading. how accurate are digital thermometers for babies

But, rectally is the most accurate form of temperature reading and digital thermometers are the only ones suitable for children (do not use those that contain mercury). Once your child is around the age of 4 or 5, you can start taking their temperature orally or when they can hold it under their tongue.

Armpit temperatures are typically the least accurate of the three. Digital ear thermometers (tympanic membrane). These thermometers use an infrared scanner to measure the temperature inside the ear canal. Keep in mind that earwax or a small, curved ear canal can interfere with the accuracy of an ear thermometer temperature. Rectal thermometers are the most accurate. If suitable, you should try to use either of these methods, especially for younger children. When a baby is an infant, having a temperature reading thats even a few degrees off might make the difference of needing a trip to the hospital or not. Oral thermometers are also accurate are digital thermometers for babies Thermometers Buying Guide. Running a temperature for more than three days, for example, is a sign that it's time to talk to your doctor, and temperatures above 104 F can cause seizures in young children. Thats why having a good thermometer that provides accurate readings is key.

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Aug 22, 2002 Walker says the newer digital thermometers give a very accurate reading when inserted rectally. Walker serves on the AAP's Committee on Practice and Ambulatory Medicine and practices in Columbia, S. C. how accurate are digital thermometers for babies If your baby protests, you might want to take her underarm (axillary) temperature first. If that reading is over 99 degrees Fahrenheit, take her rectal temperature for a more precise and accurate result. To prepare the thermometer, clean the end with rubbing alcohol or a little soap and warm water.

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