Regression specification error test

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How can the answer be improved?The RESET test is a popular diagnostic for correctness of functional form. The basic assumption is that under the alternative the model can be written in the form yX beta Z gamma. Z is generated by taking powers either of the fitted response, the regressor variables, or the first principal component of X. regression specification error test

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Errors of measurement is a special case of specification errors. In practice if the errors of measurement are small compared to equation error, one tends to assume away the Regression Diagnostics and Specification Tests some test statistics additionally assume that the errors are normally distributed or that we have a large sample. Since our results depend on these statistical assumptions, the results are only correct of our assumptions hold (at least approximately). This group of test whether theregression specification error test specification test (RESET) for GLMs as an extension of the popular RESET for the linear regression model (Ramsey (1969)). Applications of the RESET to three economic data sets

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Model specification errors can substantially affect the estimate of regression coefficients. Consider the model below. This regression suggests that as class size regression specification error test estimated parameters from (9. 3); we only use this equation to test whether (9. 2) has missed important nonlinearities. The thing to remember is that and are just nonlinear functions of the The null hypothesis is that (9. 2) is correctly specified. Thus, RESET is the F statistic for testing Ho: l 0, 2 0 in the expanded model (9. 3). A simple specification test for the predictive ability of transformation models, Review of Economics and Statistics 76, 5965. Need help with a homework or test question? With Chegg Study, you can get stepbystep solutions to your questions from an expert in the field. Stata Lab 6: Specification Errors and MultiCollinearity. Notice that RSS M 538, 473. 538 from the first (restricted) regression as it is restricted to not include the fitted values, and that RSS 531, 058. 712 from the second (unrestricted) regression. Notice too from this second regression that N K 1 943. I The auxiliary regression for the RESET test statistic can be written as follows: y 0 1x 1 2x 2: : : kx k 1y 2 2y 3 u I The null hypothesis of the RESET test says that the model is correctly speci ed: H 0: 1 0; 2 I In large samples and under the GaussMarkov assumptions, the usual Frestrictions test follows the F(2; n k 3) distribution.

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