Error divided by standard deviation

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The standard deviation of a distribution of means is a. the square root of the variance of the distribution of means b. calculated by subtracting the variance from the sample mean and taking the square root c. the population variance divided by the N in each sample d. the same as the square root of the sample varianceMay 18, 2012 What's the relationship between the standard error (which is the standard deviation of sampling means) and the standard deviation of the population? Why divided by error divided by standard deviation

In probability theory and statistics, the coefficient of variation (CV), also known as relative standard deviation (RSD), is a standardized measure of dispersion

How can the answer be improved? It is the standard deviation divided by the square root of the data sample size. The sample may include data from scientific measurements, test scores, temperatures or a series of random numbers. The standard deviation indicates the deviation of the sample values from the sample mean.error divided by standard deviation I was reading the following justification (from cs229 course notes) on why we divide the raw data by its standard deviate: even though I understand what the explanation is saying, it is not clear to me why dividing by the standard deviation would achieve such a goal.

Error divided by standard deviation free

As a math and statistic tutor I have often been asked What is the difference between standard deviation and standard error? My objective in this tutorial is to demonstrate with an example what the difference is. error divided by standard deviation Can I divide the standard deviation of two samples to create an overall standard deviation? be 2 (200 10, 000). The overall change order rate of a sample would be the sum of cost increases from all projects divided by the sum of awarded My question: I want to calculate the overall standard deviation of change order rates. Can I divide Standard deviation divided by the mean is Coefficient of variation (CV). Sometimes it is expressed as a percentage by multiplying by 100. CV tells us how much variance is there in the data. CV is more reliable then straightforward variance and standard deviation

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